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Parallel Worlds. Long has the possibility of their existence tugged at our imaginations, evoking our deepest desires and curiosities.To discover one is to discover the potential to become anyone, to be anything. Players are arriving at Parallel Kingdom in droves, cleaving through miles of wilderness, establishing powerful Kingdoms, and now, taking to the skies!.

As you enter Parallel Kingdom you’ll encounter fierce Monsters to conquer and wild territory to claim. You’ll become a mighty master of the wilderness, slaying monstrous beasts. Perhaps you’ll become a tyrannical emperor, oppressing your people beneath your iron boot. Or maybe even a business mogul travelling great distances to exotic lands, trading rare and expensive resources at the Trade Hubs on the way. Whatever your style of game-play, you are sure to find a place within this new universe. Use this Beginner’s Guide to guide you through this strange and wondrous world, and help you become a true master of Parallel Kingdom.

Customization Icon Transform Yourself

Create your in-game character with nearly unlimited customization options. Equip your avatar with virtual hats, masks, weapons, armor, and gear found adventuring or purchased in the Trade Hub.

Skill Specialization Icon
With over 90 unique levels of Skill Specialization, you can choose your own special combination of strengths for combat or intrigue.
Weapons and Armor Icon
Parallel Kingdom offers upgradeable, customizable gear and armaments. Choose the most effective weapons and armor for each of your opponents, there are endless possibilities for deadly gear. You can even name your own legendary items!
Hat Races Icon
Compete in Hat Races each week. Follow the leader board to check the highest ranking players in a variety of tasks, like Most Monsters Killed or the Most Pages Earn. Play to be the best, and show it off by earning a top ten spot in over 15 unique categories!
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Customization Big Image
Claim Land Icon Craft a Kingdom

Your Parallel Kingdom journey begins in your real-life location. From there you can claim territory in your own backyard or travel anywhere in the entire world. Use your mobile device to discover Monsters, Resources and Structures using Google Maps GPS technology. Whether you seek to claim your own backyard or Machu Picchu, you’ll be able to build, protect and expand your land. With each Flag you build, you’ll bring civilization to a wild frontier, hunting and gathering resources or building a city in the Amazon. It doesn’t end there, create a network of friends to construct a City or Kingdom and wage war upon your enemies!

Social Interaction Icon Become Influential

Parallel Kingdom is a massively multiplayer game where players from all over the world interact and connect to play together. With over 20 chat channels, a unique, easy-to-use party system, player referrals, and a tiered messaging system- the game offers a truly engaging social environment. Interact and collaborate with other players to build powerful Cities and Kingdoms. Join a community around you by building a City House, and collect City coins to rise to the rank of Mayor your own hometown!

Battle Icon Crush Competition

Strengthen your Parallel Kingdom character though a variety of battling options to advance through the world. Choose from several skill types, weapons and armor for a custom battling experience.

Player Vs Player Icon
Enter the Proving Grounds to go head to head with another player.
Slaughter Monsters Icon
To earn Gold, Resources, or even new Weapons.
Kingdom Wars Icon
Form alliances or wage war with other Kingdoms.
Dark Monolith Icon
Compete with other Kingdoms in battling the mysterious Dark Monolith. Defeat the structure and collect the most points to earn Kingdom bricks.
Dungeons Icon
Enter Dungeons at your own risk, a maze of rooms and monsters await. Defeat the Boss to earn a coveted reward.
Dungeons Icon
Battle for air supremacy by capturing & fortifying Floating Islands.
Economy Icon Amass Wealth

Harvest and gather Resources to construct gargantuan machines of war, hammer out masterwork swords, or trade for piles of Gold.

Crucial resources for beginners include:

Wood Icon Wood
Leather Icon Leather
Oil Icon Oil
Crystal Icon Crystal
Stone Icon Stone
Stone Icon Food

Collecting and trading these and other Resources will enable players to control vast tracts of land & air by erecting Flags, Houses and even giant Kingdoms to demonstrate their success.

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