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If conquering the entirety of a Parallel World is your goal, this is the perfect place to get started. By the time you finish this section, you’ll be ready to jump into Parallel Kingdom and take your first steps toward complete, global domination.

Claiming territory is just one of many driving desires for players in Parallel Kingdom. From the first flag you plant firmly in the soil to the massive stone castles you’ll build later, there are many engaging, accessible ways to stake your claim. You may begin with creating a character, but in a few days you’ll be setting up your flags and knocking competing Monsters and players off of your land.

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Parallel Kingdom needs you! Monsters are ravaging cities and roaming both the air & land! In order to stop them, you’ll only need to take a few simple steps. When you install the Parallel Kingdom app and run it for the first time, you'll be asked to create your own unique character.

Enter PK Icon Entering Parallel Kingdom

Great, you now know how to set up an account! But what awaits you on the other side of the log-in screen?

A Parallel World, full of fantastical creatures and untamed wilderness, awaits you! A short tutorial will introduce you to the basics of the Parallel Kingdom world, and then you'll be set loose to claim your land. Want to claim your own backyard? Great! All you've got to do is build your first flag, assuming nobody has claimed it already (See: War). If your backyard just isn't enough, you can claim your entire town, or even county!

And you're not limited to just that! Go visit a friend in China, or Germany! In Parallel Kingdom, you can travel to the sites of all Seven Wonders of the World without leaving your couch! If you’re not afraid of heights, take to the skies where secrets are just starting to be unlocked, and explore the vast world of floating islands and clouds above. Be anywhere, claim anything! There's so much to choose from, but once you've chosen, it's easy to get started!

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Build Icon Building a Flag and Log Cabin

In order to fulfill your dream, whether it be ruling over the world as an iron-fisted despot, or hanging out in your own backyard under the trees you've planted, you'll need to start with two things: A Flag and a Log Cabin.

Building your first flag is simple, all you need to do is find open land. If an insidious invader has claimed your backyard, don't worry. You'll have plenty of opportunities to burn his flags to the ground later. For now, simply open up your Items Menu and select the Dog Whistle. This will summon your Dog. You can then select your Dog and take it for a walk. This will find the nearest unclaimed land. When you're satisfied with a good tract of land, you just open the Create Menu and set up your first Flag. Congratulations! You now own land! But unless you plan on sleeping on the ground in the wind and rain, you should probably build a home for yourself. Open the Create Menu menu again to build your first Log Cabin on the land that you claimed!

Don't get too cozy in your cabin, though! There's plenty of dangerous territory to conquer, infested with creatures ranging from gibbering Ghouls to the massive Magnathere.

Hunting Icon Hunting & Gathering

One of the primary methods of resource gathering in the game is hunting. Taking down mighty monsters and rampaging terrors will provide you with all of the materials you need to become the world's greatest hero. Monsters come in many shapes and sizes, and their difficulty can generally be gauged by the descriptor before their name. In order to efficiently defeat them, you'll have to make use of a wide array of abilities and items. Doing so will allow you to gather the resources necessary to repair your gear, build up your territory, and progress through the levels to become an iron-clad Knight or stealthy Assassin.

Aside from hunting, players may wish to gather Stone or precious metals from nearby Mines, along with wood from nearby Trees. This gathering process requires time and will consume trees and exhaust mines. You'll be unable to gather materials at an exhausted Mine for a small period of time, so it will be helpful to claim as many mines as possible. Later on, you'll discover how you can rent mines or even rent out your own to other players!

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Monster Icon Monster Types
Timid Monster Image
These are the weakest Monsters. Still in their infancy or wounded by other adventurers, Timid Monsters can be easily defeated, though they may be enough to overcome a beginner in large numbers.
Those who have reached adulthood, but aren't particularly vicious or powerful, are called Normal Monsters. These Monsters may prove a challenge to a newcomer, but can be easily defeated by anyone with sufficient gear and skill.
Normal Monster Image
Strong Monster Image
STRONG Strong Star Icon
Strong Monsters were born with natural strength or prowess. Overcoming a Strong Monster requires a stalwart adventurer with enhanced gear. Use of skills may be necessary for some adventurers to defeat such a monster, and one should be cautious before engaging them in large numbers.
VICIOUS Vicious Star Icon
Battle-hardened Monsters who have defeated many adventurers and have grown Vicious are dangerous foes indeed. Special consideration should be given to these Monsters before they are engaged by mid-level adventurers, and avoided at all costs by beginners.
Vicious Monster Image
Epic Monster Image
EPIC Epic Star Icon
Epic Monsters are creatures who have excelled their kind in some way. Thousand year life spans are not uncommon for these Monsters, and many of the heroes who would try to slay them quickly find themselves six feet under. These Monsters should only be engaged by the tested and true champions of the Parallel Kingdom.
Ancient beasts of fabled mythological origin, these powerful creatures are the most terrifying specimens in this or any other world. Without a coordinated group effort, consider yourself dinner. But with great challenge comes great reward...
Legendary Monster Image
Abilities Icon Abilities

There are just some examples of the active combat in Parallel Kingdom:

Taunt Image
If you've attained enough gear and power to wipe out waves of enemies at a time, you will find your inner-juggernaut satisfied by Taunt. Use of this ability challenges every monster in the area to mortal combat. If you're able, you'll begin slicing down swathe after swathe of enemies in the area.
Berries Image
Technically an item, a Mourning Berry will heal a player over time and can be used most effectively in combat. By clicking on yourself and selecting heal, you will consume a Mourning Berry in your inventory and begin regaining HP. Combining Mourning Berries with Taunt can prove an effective combination for killing large groups of enemies.
Shield Charge Image
Lowering your shoulder and charging straight into an enemy will lock them into combat with you. This prevents skittish Monsters and players from escaping your grasp. Because the maneuver is so dangerous, it requires a Shield and proper training before it can be used.
This list is by no means exhaustive, a ton of customizable items and abilities await your use!
Traveling Image
Traveling Icon Traveling

Travelling by yourself is as simple as walking your Dog, Relocating, and building Flags. These three methods will be essential in expanding your territory and forging your own personal Empire. Walking your Dog finds the nearest plot of unclaimed land for you to set up shop in. Relocating will move your character to your current real world location, so be sure to use it if you visit a place you’d like to claim in the game! This makes travelling with your phone a lucrative experience! Building Flags will establish new places to visit, and you can chain your flags together in order to create a “road” to wherever you wish to travel. Typically, however, you’ll only be able to travel near to your own physical location by yourself.

We encourage players to enjoy Parallel Kingdom in whichever way they see fit, but if you want to get the most out of your experience, it's goot to be social...

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